Who on earth am I supposed to be?

Travel alongside Amy on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Are you ready and willing to wrestle with yourself to find you?

Perhaps no one has ever been as pleased to receive a cancer diagnosis as Amy Ewald.

When Amy was plagued with a mysterious itch that wouldn’t stop for over six months, it not only impacted her daily life, but she could feel her relationships beginning to fray and her identity crumbling. How was she supposed to respond to the unknown? Was there something she could do to create certainty and stability? Why was the God of love she believed in conspicuously absent?

Finding Me chronicles the thoughts, emotions and questions that arose throughout this challenging time. It’s a tale of a cancer discovery that, in fact, isn’t really about cancer. Rather, it:

- Shows how a challenging period can reveal your identity

- Demonstrates how troubles can encourage mental, emotional and spiritual growth

- Includes ways to find inner resilience and strength to journey through difficult times.

Full of honest reflections and raw emotions, Finding Me offers a front-row seat to an individual wrestling with herself and God and the transformations that resulted from that match. It raises the fundamental question: how can we use the dark periods we traverse to change our perspectives and the way we live our lives?

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